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Discover the true beauty of Gorj – Top 10 tourist attractions

Gorjul, a picturesque destination in Romania, is home to a variety of tourist attractions that make Târgu-Jiu and its surroundings a paradise for nature and culture lovers. Here’s a list of the 10 most impressive sights in the area:
Constantin Brâncuși Sculpture Ensemble in Târgu-Jiu
An artistic jewel that includes world-famous monuments such as the Gate of Kiss, the Infinity Column, the Silent Table, and the Alley of Chairs. These impressive masterpieces were created by the great sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. They were erected as a tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the First World War.
The Constantin Brâncuși Memorial House in Hobița
A place full of history and personal memories of the great artist. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the environment in which he grew up and discover the influences that shaped Brâncuși’s genius.
Curtișoara Village Museum
Immersion in local traditions and culture. The museum houses fascinating exhibits illustrating the life and customs of the Gorj communities through the ages.
Lainici Monastery
A monastic sanctuary offering a soothing experience amid nature. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the prayerful atmosphere.
Tismana Monastery
The oldest Orthodox monastery in the country, Tismana Monastery welcomes you with its authentic architecture and impressive history.
Cioclovina hermitages
An oasis of spirituality in a spectacular mountain setting. The hermitages offer a glimpse into the world of nuns who live in communion with nature at high altitudes.
Polovragi Monastery
Another sacred place in a magnificent natural setting. Polovragi Monastery combines religious beauty with outstanding scenery.
Polovragi Cave
For the adventurous, Polovragi Cave is a fascinating destination. Visitors can explore spectacular rock formations and underground landscapes.
Muierii Cave
A geological masterpiece, the Muierii Cave boasts unique limestone formations and a fascinating history.
The Transalpina is the highest road in Romania and the Carpathians, reaching 2145m at the Urdele Pass. It connects Săliște in Sibiu with Novaci in Gorj, crossing the Parâng Mountains. The road offers spectacular views and is also called “The King’s Road”.

Târgu-Jiu and its surroundings offer a wide range of leisure activities, combining nature, art, and spirituality harmoniously and excitingly. Whether you are passionate about art, travel, or exploring natural landscapes, this region has something special for every traveler.