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Casa Danielescu launches its new website

Casa Danielescu launches its new website

On the outskirts of the busy town of Jiu, in an oasis of elegance where tradition meets modernity, is the Danielescu House, a 4-star Bohemian mansion built almost a century ago.

With its imposing architecture, Casa Danielescu has become a landmark of Romanian hospitality. It hosted over time important and well-known names around the world, from Nicholas Cage and the entire staff who filmed Ghost Rider 2, to the ambassadors of France, Mexico, Argentina, famous sculptors. Also Romanian and international artists, and summiteers in various fields have not hesitated to step on our doorstep when their footsteps led them to the lands of Gorj.

Fourteen years ago, when the need for a digital identity was still shyly emerging, the Web Logistics team set up the first website of the Danielescu House. But time brings evolution and change, and Casa Danielescu felt the need for a new presentation in the online world that would match the good reputation it has carefully maintained over the years. Thus, a new project was born, an important step in strengthening the online presence of the mansion and in communicating the unique experiences offered by this place full of history and elegance.

The challenge was great! How do you transpose the charm and elegance of a manor house into the digital world?

But the Web Logistics team accepted the challenge, and through their commitment and determination proposed and implemented complex services resulting in a modern website that meets the highest standards of 2024.

Casa Danielescu now opens its doors in its new digital location, inviting you to discover its authentic beauty and hospitality.